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Scheduled Cesarean

What are the reasons a cesarean might be scheduled? How would a scheduled cesarean differ from an unplanned or emergency cesarean? When does it happen?
  1. Elective Cesarean

What did you feel during your c-section?
If you had a c-section, what did you feel? Was it what you expected?

Hospital Bag for a Planned Cesarean Birth
If you are planning a c-section, you'll still need to bring a hospital bag. Here are some thing that you might want to consider packing in your hospital bag.

What will I feel during a cesarean section?
If you are having a cesarean section you may not know what to expect. Most mothers think that they won't feel anything during the surgery, though this is not true.

Cesarean Birth and Doulas
Does the use of a professional labor support person benefit the family who delivers by cesarean section?

Can I request a cesarean?
Are you allowed to request a cesarean without a medical reason?

When can you schedule a cesarean section?
When you know that you need to schedule a cesarean to give birth you may want to know when you will schedule this around your due date.

What happens before a scheduled c-section?
What are the procedures prior to a scheduled cesarean section? Do they differ from an unscheduled c-section?

Why would you need a scheduled cesarean section?
What are some of the reasons that you would need a scheduled cesarean birth? Here are some answers.

Tips for a Safer Cesarean Section
Having a cesarean section is major surgery. There are things that you can do to help lower your risk of complications and infections after surgery, all you need to do is to speak up!

Why not just schedule a c-section?
Why not just schedule a c-section?

Cesarean Section Birth Plans
Planning a cesarean section in advance gives you time to come up with a birth plan. What's on your c-section birth plan?

Birth Preferences For Your Planned Cesarean
Did you know that you have some options for personalizing your upcoming planned cesarean birth?

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