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Finalists for 2013 Best Pregnancy App


Updated February 21, 2013

Aren't apps so wonderful for pregnancy? It's like having your practitioner, doula and childbirth educator in your pocket. Which one makes it to your list of Best Pregnancy App?

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iBirth app
Photo © iBirth app
The iBirth Pregnancy App boasts four distinct sections with targeted information for all nine months. Fun fact: Nearly 50% of our downloads are by men.

Simple Contraction Timer: Computes duration and interval, calculates averages and includes a full history report. Particularly useful for dads who are timing contractions at home and making the decision about when to head in to the birth place. Continues to run while performing other functions on the device.

Labor Position Videos: Twenty-three short video demonstrations with soothing background music and descriptions of the benefits of each position for the mother’s comfort, baby’s progress, and what the partner can be doing to help.

Prenatal Nutrition: Delivering essential pregnancy nutrition information in a concise list of the top 10-20 foods associated with each nutrient. Includes consideration for certain dietary restrictions.

Tips & Lists: Igniting engagement with the birth team, this section contains pertinent information to help prepare emotionally and psychologically for a positive birth experience.

Giving mothers and fathers the information and tools they need to have the healthiest and best supported pregnancy and birth possible.

Platforms your app runs on?

iOS, Android

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Baby Bump

Baby Bump App
Photo © Baby Bump
BabyBump, by Alt12 Apps, is a personal pregnancy tracker and health network for expecting families. BabyBump provides daily information on baby and mom-to-be, a health journal and social health network to connect with women at the same stage for advice and support.

What are the primary focuses of this app?

  • Pregnancy tracking
  • Pregnancy health network to connect to moms at the same stage
  • Pregnancy journal
  • Daily health and baby development info
  • Photo capturing of your baby bump

iOS, Android, WebOS and the web

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Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/babybumpapp
Twitter: @babybumpapp

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Readers' Choice Finalists 2013
Photo © About.com

My 9 Months for iPad

Readers' Choice Finalists 2013
Photo © About.com

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Readers' Choice Finalists 2013
Photo © About.com
What will your baby look like? Take a look into the future! BABYFACE™ will create a full-face cartoon-like drawing of your baby's face! While you listen to a beautiful lullaby, enter 21 facial traits from each parent (eye and hair color, skin tone, curly hair or straight...even freckles or dimples). BABYFACE then uses Mendel's scientific theory of dominant/recessive trait inheritance to automatically determine your baby's most-likely facial traits, and shows you which parent will give your baby each trait. This amazing app then creates a truly unique full-color cartoon-like drawing of your baby that you can easily share with your family and friends via social media (Facebook, Twitter, or e-mail). Whether you are pregnant now, thinking about it for down the road, or just imagining a world of possibilities...BABYFACE is flat-out fun for everyone!

For expecting parents: Heightening the joy of anticipation during pregnancy. For parents/grandparents/friends: Sharing a full-color drawing of the prediction of the baby's appearance via social media. For everyone: Experiencing the fun and fascination of seeing genetic trait theory in action.

Platforms this app runs on: iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPad mini, iPod touch)

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