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Finalists for 2013 Favorite Pregnancy Fitness Product


Updated February 19, 2013

As we start to see fitness as something more than just something extra to add to our lives, we know that pregnancy is often found in pregnancy as a way to learn healthy habits to protect our babies-to-be. This year we have several great nominees in this category, but which one do you vote for? Learn a bit about each of these very different finalists and decide which you think should be the Favorite Pregnancy Fitness Product of 2013.

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Knocked Up Fitness: Prenatal DVD

Knocked Up Fitness Pilates
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Knocked-Up Fitness® Prenatal DVD’s by Erica Ziel, are designed to help keep expecting moms active and in shape through all stages of pregnancy. The program includes a variety of exercises that specifically target and strengthen deep core muscles safely. These movements are designed to support the weight of the baby, as well as prepare your body for labor, delivery and recovery.

Discover the challenge and benefits from this unique Prenatal Pilates-Infused Workout program: Fusing Pilates, yoga, cardio, conditioning exercises and other fitness exercises for safe, effective and customized fitness. Mix and match the 7 workouts to form your own routine. Plus the “bonus” segment on preparing your deep core muscles for labor and delivery.

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Dance of the Womb: A Gentle Guide to Belly Dance for Pregnancy & Birth DVD

Dance of the Womb
Photo © Dance of the Womb
This truly inspiring 2-disc DVD from Australian doula and Bellydancebirth® founder, Maha al Musa, offers instruction in belly dance for prenatal fitness and toning as well as a powerful tool for birthing in tune with your body and baby. The program has clear instructions that are easy and gentle to follow and is designed to help empower you in pregnancy, relieve back and hip pain, alleviate fears, and encourage you to trust in your body's birthing wisdom. Disc Two features a 50-minute film of Maha's homebirth at 46 years of age, documenting belly dance in practice during labor. Two midwives discuss the benefits of these techniques for both mother and baby's well being. Bellydancebirth® practice is low impact, increases flexibility and circulation, helps to naturally reduce lower back and hip pain, strengthens core muscles, and is great for the pelvic floor. Endorsed by Australia's National Association of Childbirth Educators and the Australian Doula College.

Bellydancebirth® offers women an ancient, completely natural tool to birth in tune with their bodies and hearts. Because the movements target the muscles most used during labor and most taxed during pregnancy, Bellydancebirth® gives relief from many of the aches and pains of pregnancy and birth. Bellydancebirth® is a joyous, enjoyable, and sensual preparation and celebration of your pregnant body! (if you're just looking for individual words/phrases here: pregnancy fitness, birth preparation, relief from lower back/hip/sciatica pain, natural birth, ancient techniques for modern times).

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Sculpt My Pregnancy

Readers' Choice Finalists 2013
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In Shape Moms Prenatal

Readers' Choice Finalists 2013
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