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Finalists for 2013 Favorite Labor Product


Updated February 21, 2013

These handy items can help you as you prepare for your baby's birth. Which one gets your vote?

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Visual Birth Plan

Visual Birth Plan
Photo © Pitter Patter Chatter
Typewritten birth plans can easily get lost during labor. Between staff transitions and a typically long list of requests, many moms have a difficult time laboring and reminding numerous providers of their wishes.That’s where our kit comes in! You can visually and quickly express your wishes to your healthcare team by completing it at home and then packing it in your "go bag." It sticks to the wall, so everyone can see!

Each kit includes:

  • 20 decals representing the most common items addressed in a birth plan
  • 4 alert decals (such as Rh- or GBS+)
  • 10 “no thanks” decals that can overlay any of the other decals
  • an 11″ x 17″ planning board
  • a bag for your decals
  • a door hanger to alert staff you have a birth plan
  • a pocket calendar
  • a durable storage tube
  • removable wall adhesive

Our goal is to help moms easily and quickly share their desires for both themselves and their baby's care during labor, delivery and postpartum.

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Labor Position Cards

Plumtree Baby Labor Position Cards
Photo © Plumtree Baby
A Quick-Reference Pocket Guide features 25 laminated cards with photos of positions for labor and birth, and include tips for comfort on the back side. The positions are color-coded by categories for easy reference and feature positions for back labor, labor progress, resting, positioning the baby and second stage/pushing. They are bound with a re-closeable ring and include a bag for storage. These portable cards are a great product for birth professionals or expectant parents to use as a reference during labor. They also make a great gift for any expectant mother.

Our Labor Positions Guide teaches parents about the various positions and comfort techniques which can help a laboring woman be more comfortable, help her baby move through her body more easily and help her labor progress quickly and smoothly.

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La Bassine Birth Pool

Readers' Choice Finalists 2013
Photo © About.com

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Aveda Blue Oil

Readers' Choice Finalists 2013
Photo © About.com

Hot Mama Gowns

Hot Mama Gowns
Photo © Hot Mama Gowns
About Hot Mama Gowns
Facebook: Hot Mama Gowns
Twitter: @HotMamaGowns
Testimonials: Hot Mama Gowns

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