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Finalists for 2013 Best Baby Shower Gift


Updated March 01, 2013

A baby shower gift is usually something I spend a lot of time thinking about it, but when I find just the right gift, I am super thrilled to give it. In fact, sometimes, I find something I love so much, it becomes my go-to gift for long periods of time. Whether you like these products as the only baby shower gift you'd ever give, or if you just love the item as a gift you were given, look at these finalists and decide which you think deserves to be called The Best Baby Shower Gift of 2013!

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Nomie Baby Car Seat Cover

Nomie Infant Car Seat Cover
Photo © Nomie
The Nomie Baby Car Seat Covers are uniquely designed cozy, removable, washable & waterproof covers for infant and toddler car seats. Their elastic edges and Velcro openings for the straps allow them to fit most makes and models. They slip on and off easily in seconds, without having to struggle to remove or disassemble any straps. Then when it get dirty, and it will, simply slip the cover off, throw it in the washing machine and dryer, and start all over again. No more crying over spilled milk - or worse. Here's to spreading the happy-mess!

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Splash and Wrap Towel

Splash and Wrap Towel by Clevamama
Photo © Clevamama
Our product aims to make life that bit easier for parents. How many times have you juggled a wriggling child while simultaneously trying to hold a towel under your chin and lift them out of the bath? The Clevamama Splash & Wrap means no fuss at bathtime.

With 4 colours to choose from the Clevamama Splash & Wrap Towel is the essential baby shower gift. The product comes in beautiful packaging and we offer customers a free gift bag with every purchase. This extra-large towel is 100% cotton and fastens around your neck like an apron leaving you with two free hands to safely lift your baby out of the bath. The delicate weave is soft, absorbent and gentle on baby’s skin. The towel is suitable for 0-4 year olds and also acts as a handy splash guard for parents.

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Tranquil Turtle

Tranquil Turtle
Photo © PriceGrabber
Tranquil Turtle is the first Cloud b product that combines both sight and sound features in one soft, soothing character. The innovative Turtle transforms any room into a peaceful seaside oasis! Glowing in a relaxing aquamarine or ocean blue color, the shell projects a magical underwater light effect with a gentle wave motion and plays the soothing sounds of ocean waves and undersea melodies. The total effect provides for a calm and relaxing environment, giving children a peaceful night’s sleep.

This really cool turtle has a cousin many are familiar with, the Twilight Turtle. What makes Tranquil Turtle different is that the body casts the look of the ocean over the bedroom ceiling and plays oceanic sounding music.

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Flyte Tub by Puj

Flyte Tub by Puj
Photo © PriceGrabber
This flexible baby bath tub is great for even the smallest of spaces, but more importantly it does a fantastic job of turning your sink into the perfect tub - no matter how big your baby is...

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Ah Goo Plush Pad

Ah Goo Plush Pad
Photo © PriceGrabber
This changing pad is a pad to be set apart for sure. The soft fabrics and foam linings make this delightful for you and baby.

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