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Can you measure hCG levels in your urine?


Updated June 11, 2014

Detect5 Progressive Pregnancy Test
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Currently the vast majority of pregnancy tests are deigned to tell you if there is hCG detected in your urine. This is given as a positive, yes there is hCG present, or negative, no hCG is not present. Though various pregnancy tests measure different amounts of hCG in each test. These numbers can vary incredibly widely from about 25 miu/ml to 500+ miu/ml of hCG. Just for reference, above 5 miu in blood is considered a positive pregnancy test in many labs.

That's where the Detect5 Progressive Pregnancy Test (Compare prices.) comes in. This test can give you a range of where your hCG in (via urine sampling). So it will tell you if your urine hCG levels are at the following thresholds: 25 miu/ml, 100 miu/ml, 500 miu/ml, 2,000 miu/ml and 10,000 miu/ml. This is certainly a huge advance for pregnancy test technology.

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