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Prenatal Testing Basics


Updated July 02, 2014

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Cordocentesis/Percutaneous Umbilical Cord Blood Sampling (PUBS)
Prenatal Testing Basics

Screens for: Chromosomal and genetic problems as well as some blood disorders in your baby including some infections.

Who does it:This is typically done by a maternal fetal medicine specialist (MFM) or an OB/GYN.

How it is done: With ultrasound guidance a small needle is placed into the uterus to obtain a sampling of blood from the umbilical cord.

When is it done: Not until after the 18th week of gestation.

Accuracy: Virtually 100%, barring lab error.

Risk to mom: Procedure can be uncomfortable, cramping may occur afterwards.

Risk to pregnancy/baby: There is about a 1-2% risk of miscarriage.


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