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Prenatal Tests

Prenatal testing is scary and exciting. Knowing about your baby before birth can be a blessing or a curse. Trying to interpret data and deal with the decisions that have to be made is very difficult. Whether it's a simple blood test like the AFP, a screening ultrasound, or an invasive test like an amnio, we've got your information.
  1. AFP (6)
  2. Amniocentesis (4)
  3. Biophysical Profile (3)
  4. CVS (2)
  5. Nonstress Test (1)
  6. Stress Test (OCT) (1)
  7. Testing for Gestational Diabetes (3)
  8. Ultrasounds (20)

Pregnancy Testing
The ins and outs of pregnancy tests including which types there are and when and how to take them.

Questions to Ask Before Prenatal Testing
A list of questions you can print out and take to your prenatal appointments.

Prenatal Testing Basics
Ultrasound is done in the majority of pregnancies in the United States. The anomaly scan is the most common. Prenatal testing can be scary if you don't know what's going on. Here's a primer on prenatal testing from ultrasounds to amniocentesis and beyond.

Tay-Sachs Disease
Tay-Sachs is a genetic diseaes that leads to death. Genetic testing can identify carriers before conception.

Nuchal Translucency Screening - Nuchal Fold Testing for Down Syndrome
Nuchal fold testing can be used early in pregnancy to help assess your risk for carrying a baby with Down Syndrome via a simple ultrasound.

The Myth of a Vaginal Exam
If you have a vaginal exam at the end of pregnancy, do you really know what the information means?

Common Prenatal Tests in Pregnancy
There are so many prental tests available from the pregnancy test to the ultrasound, the amniocentesis and the biophysical profile - what does it all mean?

Prenatal Test Videos Explaining the Tests of Pregnancy
These videos explain many of the tests that happen during prenatal care from ultrasounds to the various tests in the three trimesters.

Test for 6000 Genetic Diseases Discovered
When using in vitro fertilization (IVF), pre-implantation genetic haplotyping can find the healthy embryos and help prevent nearly 6000 genetic disease.

What are the most common birth defects?
Birth defects worry every pregnant woman. Are you wondering what the most common ones are and how to prevent them?

Quiz: Am I Pregnant?
When you're having unknown symptoms and you want to know if they spell out that there is a new baby on the way, it can drive you crazy. This simple quiz can help you answer the question of Am I Pregnant? By looking at the probability of a pregnancy based on your pregnancy symtoms.

Strange Places to Take a Pregnancy Test
Pregnancy tests are easy to find and easy to take. Here are some stories of strange locations to take a pregnancy test.

Have you had the nuchal fold testing for Down Syndrome?
Nuchal fold testing for Down Syndrome is offered in the first trimester. Read what other women had to say about this test.

Fetal Kick Counts
The kick count test is often prescribed as a way for mom to easily watch out for baby in late pregnancy.

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