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What Happens at Prenatal Care Appointments


Updated July 02, 2014

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Your Second Prenatal Care Appointment
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Your second prenatal appointment is usually done about a month after your first appointment, unless you are having problems or are requesting specific prenatal testing that is best performed in a specific time range. Here is what will most likely happen during this prenatal care visit:

  • Check your blood pressure
  • Screen your urine for sugar and protein
  • Record your weight
  • Listen for a fetal heart beat using a Doppler
  • Additional testing as needed

Your baby's first heart beat will usually be heard with a Doppler between 8 and 12 weeks gestation. If you have trouble hearing the baby's heart beat, you will normally be asked to wait until your next visit when your baby is a bit bigger. Sometimes an ultrasound will be ordered.

These tests are optional but may be requested by you or recommend by your doctor or midwife. Be sure to discuss all of your option regarding these tests, including the risks and benefits, how the test results are given and whether the test is a screening test or a diagnostic test:

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