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How to Listen to Baby's Heart Beat in Pregnancy


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The Stethoscope
This is a stethoscope used to listen to baby's heart beat in pregnancy.


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Listening to your baby's heart beat is a special time in your pregnancy. Many women enjoy this part of the prenatal care appointments the most. And yet there are a variety of ways that you can listen to your baby in pregnancy. Here are a few of the most popular ways to hear your baby's heart beat in pregnancy.

The stethoscope is a common medical symbol. We have all had someone listen to our heart or our lungs with this special listening device that amplifies your internal noises. This trusty device is also good for listening to baby's in utero. Typically you can hear the baby's heart beat at about 18-20 weeks, depending on maternal and fetal factors (weight of mom, position of baby, location of the placenta, etc.).

Many practitioners, doctors and midwives, have lost the skill of using a normal stethoscope on pregnant women. You may not see this used as often today. This method doesn't use ultrasound technology.

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