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Your Pregnant Body Month by Month


Updated July 17, 2014

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Pregnancy Month Five
Your Pregnant Body Month by Month
This month you may notice that your belly begins to show. This is more than just when you're getting out of the shower, even strangers may begin to notice that you look a little more rounded. If you were going to maternity clothes, don't go wild just yet. Give it a little bit more time. While shopping for your pregnancy may be fun, there are other ways to expand your wardrobe including borrowing from friends, shopping through used clothing, and even stealing from your partner's closet.

Physical Changes in Pregnancy

  • You may begin to feel your baby move, this is called quickening.
  • As your uterus reaches your navel or belly button, you will begin to show more.
  • You are going to the bathroom more often because your kidneys work harder in pregnancy.
  • You are still enjoying your pregnancy at this point with few symptoms that plague you.

Emotional Mom

  • You are anxious to learn about babies and birth.
  • As your partner begins to feel the baby move, it brings a whole new dimension to how he sees the pregnancy.

Pregnancy Month Five

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