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Your Pregnant Body Month by Month


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Pregnancy Month Four
14 weeks pregnant

This mom is 14 weeks pregnant with her second baby.

Photo © Laura O.
Welcome to the second trimester. Now that the risk of miscarriage has dropped significantly, most moms begin to enjoy their pregnancy a little bit more. Now is also the time you may feel more free to talk about your pregnancy to your friends. Consider how you will share the good news with those you love. What you plan and elaborate surprise or simply break the good news over dinner?

Physical Changes in Pregnancy

  • You are enjoying feeling better than you did last month.
  • Because your placenta has taken over the production of the pregnancy hormones, you may feel a bit better in the second trimester.
  • Some women will begin to have their bellies show at this point, though most women do not yet need maternity clothes.
  • Because of the extra blood volume your body needs during pregnancy, your heart will be beating more rapidly.

Emotional Mom

  • You may be frustrated that you don't outwardly look pregnant to strangers on the street.
  • The acceptance of the pregnancy is easier for you at this point.

Pregnancy Month Four

Photo © L. Obajtek

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