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Concerns About Your Pregnant Belly


Updated June 27, 2014

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Am I carrying too low?
30 Weeks Pregnant - 5th Pregnancy - Belly Gallery

30 Weeks Pregnant

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Carrying low can be a hard way to be pregnant. But if your pregnant belly feels low, you know it. Sometimes this happens more in second pregnancies, or more. This is simply because your body is used to pregnancy and the muscles are more stretched out.

Towards the very end of pregnancy, you may also notice that your baby drops or lightens. This can be an impending sign of labor, though not in the short term, just a preparation. Ask your practitioner for advice if you are feeling other signs of labor and you are not yet 37 weeks as this can be preterm labor.

Exercises like the pelvic tilts can really help you ease the pain it causes on your lower back. But carrying low does not mean that you're having a boy - that's just an old wive's tale.

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