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Can I take a bath during pregnancy?


Updated July 17, 2014

Pregnant Woman Lying in Bath.
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You may have heard that taking a bath with pregnant was a no no. The good news is that is simply an old wives tale. Baths are perfectly safe in pregnancy if you follow a few simple rules:

  • Keep your bath water warm, not hot. 98.6 degrees is just perfect and feels great.
  • Your water is not broken.

If you meet this criteria you can take a bath every day until you give birth, even several times a day if you're suffering from pregnancy symptoms like backache. To ensure water temperature, simply use a child's bath tub toy thermometer. You allow it to float and then read how hot the water is, adjusting it as needed.

The reason to avoid hot water or hot tubs is that water above your body temperature, particularly in the first trimester, has the possibility of causing problems with your baby.

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