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Itchy Belly in Pregnancy


Updated April 22, 2014

Pregnant Woman Looking at her belly
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  • Question: What can I do about my pregnant belly itching?


    The cause of the itchy belly is usually just the skin expanding. Keeping yourself and your belly well hydrated will usually help tone down the itching, but not necessarily alleviate it. This is where the creams and oils come in handy.

    A nice moisturizing lotion will go a long way with the itchiness. There isn't a specific formula that has some magic cure, so don't break the bank buying the most expensive lotion available. Just buy one you like. There are also special baths, like oatmeal baths designed to be safe and yet effective in taking care of itching.

    You might consider being sure that you don't use too hot of water on your stomach. This can further dry out the skin, particularly troublesome for some mothers in the winter months. In fact, when you get out of bath, gently towel off, not removing all of the water. This is the ideal time to add a moisturizer to your skin care plan. This can help seal in the water still on your skin.

    Be sure to talk to your midwife or doctor before using any medicated creams or taking oral medications to alleviate itching. There are some skin issues that can crop up in pregnancy that go beyond the normal issues. If your itching is accompanied by a rash or severe talk to your practitioner, you may have PUPPPs.

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