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Surviving a Party When Pregnant


Updated December 16, 2010

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Whether it's the company's 4th of July Picnic or your best friend's holiday party, you might worry about your pregnancy getting in the way. Pregnancy is not the time to be riding in the annual bull riding event, but other than a few obvious things to avoid (including mechanical bulls), you can relax and enjoy yourself with a bit of planning ahead.

  • Avoid getting overheated.
    Becoming overheated is easy to do, whether it's summer and you're outside in the sun or it's winter and you're in a crowded room. Remember that if you're feeling hot or faint - get to a cooler place and relax with a glass of cool water.

  • Avoid worrisome food.
    There are some pretty nasty diseases that you can get from eating tainted food. Pregnant women have a longer list of things to avoid. Ask your host beforehand what's on the menu. You can always bring your own snacks. This also works if you can't ask beforehand.

  • Don't drink alcohol.
    Alcohol may flow freely at the party but pregnancy is not the time to partake. Avoid getting drinks from others in case it's an alcoholic drink, this is particularly true if you're not obviously pregnant. You can also enjoy some mocktails or virgin drinks.

  • Hold court rather than stand for hours.
    Standing in one spot can be painful in pregnancy, particularly towards the later months. Find a comfy chair if you can and put your feet up. People will come to you and you can entertain from this position while saving the strain on your feet, legs and back.

  • Dress appropriately.
    Avoid wearing high heels and panty hose. These can cause your legs to ache or swell. You might also consider dressing in layers to help you regulate your own body temperature.

With a few small things you can plan ahead and have a blast at your party without worrying about your pregnancy.

Readers Respond: Are there things you did before you found out you were pregnant that worry you?

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