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Submit Your Photos for the Pregnancy and Childbirth Site


Updated December 19, 2012

The Whole 9 Months
Photo © massimo maghenzani - Fotolia.com
Are you interested in sharing a great ultrasound picture, belly photo, childbirth pictures, cesarean incisions, stretch marks, baby nursery or baby picture? Here is how you can submit them for possible inclusion:

  1. FIND your favorite GIF, PNG or JPG photo.
    Please note that most cell phone photos are not a high enough quality to work. The image should be clear. Images that are not clear will not be used.
  2. OPEN an email window by clicking this link: pregnancy at aboutguide.com
  3. COPY and PASTE the following text into the email window. All text must be included for photo to be accepted for publication.

    • First Name & Last Name (Must include, but will be identified as First initial, last name or nickname you specify.):
    • Email address (Will not be published):
    • Number of weeks pregnant in photo:
    • A bit about the photo or your pregnancy. Share how you're feeling, is your baby a girl or a boy, your first or fifth?

    I certify that I am the author or sole owner of the material I am submitting to About.com. About.com and its licensees may reproduce, distribute, publish, display, edit, modify, create derivative works and otherwise use the material for any purpose in any form and on any media. I agree to indemnify About.com for all damages and expenses that may be incurred in connection with the material. For more information, please see our user agreement.

  5. COMPLETE the required information in your email window, add your photo as an ATTACHMENT, and SEND the completed email to pregnancy@aboutguide.com. Your name will be displayed with your photo. If you do not wish to have your name displayed, please do not submit your photos.

If you'd like to see some of the pregnancy and childbirth photos, please enjoy the gallery!

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