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Birth Pictures from All Types of Labor and Delivery


Updated January 21, 2014

Looking at birth pictures are one way that women prepare for their upcoming labor and delivery. What will it look like when you give birth to your baby? Who will be there? What will the room look like? These are all things that you have at least a bit of control over.

You can alter the environment with your birth plan. You can think about it in terms of how to create the ideal birth space. Do you need to have certain things with you like a favorite photo, a pillow, or your clothes? These are all familiar items to help you feel more at home, particularly if you are giving birth in a hospital.

Some hospitals have requirements for what you can and cannot bring. For example, you probably can't bring candles with flames, but you could make substitutions. One such substitution would be the electronic flickering, flameless candles.

Until then, you can look through these images from various labors and see what other moms chose to have surrounding them for comfort.

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This baby is shown just after a water birth.New Baby - Water Birth Picture Newborn Baby Girl just after a Water BirthBirth Pictures - Water Birth40 Weeks Pregnant 1st Baby in Labor40 Weeks Pregnant 1st Baby in LaborThis is a baby just born!This is a baby just born!
birth picture at 37 weeksA Baby at BirthNewborn Baby!Newborn BabyThis baby is just seconds old. This is right after birth, you can see the umbilical cord is still atUmbilical Cord - Newborn PhotoNew baby just minutes after birth!Just a Few Minutes Old
42 Weeks Pregnant in Labor42 Weeks Pregnant in LaborLabor Support for OchoLabor Support by DadResting in early labor.Birth Pictures - Early LaborGiving birth to twins - pushing.Pushing with Twins
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