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Pregnancy Loss

How to cope with grief and every day living after the loss of your pregnancy or baby due to miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, preterm labor, stillbirth or neonatal death.
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Signs of Miscarriage
About 1 in every 3 to 5 known pregnancies ends in miscarriage. This can happen a variety of different ways. Some women will have some of the signs of miscarriage below, while others have no problems whatsoever and find out at a later prenatal appointment that their baby has died (missed miscarriage). Here is more on the signs that may indicate a problem with your pregnancy from About.com Guide…

I'm Having a Miscarriage
Having a miscarriage or other form of pregnancy loss is a very confusing and frightening place to be. Our Guide to Miscarriage and Pregnancy Loss has some great ideas to help you cope in the moment and to heal.

Risk Factors for Miscarriage
Risk factors are things that occur before or during pregnancy that increase the likelihood that your pregnancy will end too soon. Some of these are things that you may have no control over, such as age or certain diseases. Other risk factors for miscarriage you do have some control over, like life style choices.

What is a D & C? (Dilation and Curettage)
A look at the surgical procedure known as D & C or dilation and curettage in pregnancy and miscarriage treatment.

Stories of Pregnancy After Miscarriage
Readers share their stories of pregnancy after miscarriage - the hope, the fear and how they manage to survive. See submissions

Things NOT to Say When Someone Has Had a Miscarriage
What you shouldn't say to someone who has had a pregnancy loss and some wise words about what might be best to say...

Pregnancy After Loss
When you are first pregnant, life is wonderful and you really don't have many cares. But once that bubble has been shattered by miscarriage, stillbirth or neonatal death, you have a lot of questions about subsequent pregnancies and healthy babies. The Miscarriage and Pregnancy Loss Guide has many great articles about trying again after a pregnancy loss.

Stillbirth, Neonatal Death and Late Term Pregnancy Loss
No matter how old your baby is when it dies, it is a horrible tragedy. There are some things to look at in terms of what causes these tragedies and what you need to know. Our Miscarriage and Pregnancy Loss Guide shares some of her wisdom.

Pregnancy Loss - Dealing with Miscarriage and Other Forms of Loss
The loss of a pregnancy or the death of a baby is never easy. Many pregnancies come to a tragic end every year through miscarriage, tubal pregnancy and stillbirth. Here is information about types of pregnancy loss and how to deal with it if you know someone who experiences a loss.

Vanishing Twin Syndrome (VTS)
Vanishing twin syndrome (VTS) is used to describe the phenomena of a twin that is seen in one ultrasound and not the next. It is something hard to track and only recently really studied as a type of pregnancy loss.

Advice about Miscarriage
Pregnancy loss can be devastating. Whether you are talking about a first trimester miscarriage or a late pregnancy stillbirth - it's something no one wants to experience. About.com Guide to Miscarriage and Pregnancy Loss, Krissi Danielsson is a great resource for your questions. Here are some of her helpful articles.

Spontaneous Abortion
Definition of spontaneous abortion.

What is a chemical pregnancy?
A chemical pregnancy can occur in as many as 50+% of pregnancies. What is it and what causes it?

Stillbirth is the death of a baby after 20 weeks gestation.

Having a Baby After a Miscarriage or Pregnancy Loss
The decision to become pregnant again after a pregnancy loss is a difficult one. Subsequent pregnancies can bring about a whole new set of emotions. Here are some things to keep in mind when making this decision.

Baby Shower Etiquette Guide -Dealing with Pregnancy Loss & Infertility
A simple guide for baby shower etiquette when dealing with friends and family who have experienced pregnancy loss or infertility. How to be polite and provide them with what they need in a potentially uncomfortable position.

Bleeding in Early Pregnancy - Have you ever had bleeding in early pregnancy?
Bleeding in Early Pregnancy - Have you ever had bleeding in early pregnancy and gone on to have a normal, healthy pregnancy and baby?

Pregnancy Loss Books for Children

Losing a baby in pregnancy or shortly after is a horribly painful experience.  This makes having to share that pain and grieving with others, particularly younger children even harder.  These books each offer something a bit different to help aid you in the walk of grief and remeberance.

Repeated Miscarriage
A look at repeated miscarriage, including chances for future pregnancies, causes and treatments.

Progesterone Treatment in Pregnancy to Prevent Miscarriage
A look at using progesterone in pregnancy to try to help prevent miscarriage. Does it work?

Gifts for Pregnancy Loss, Miscarriage and Stillbirth
A look at various gifts that you can purchase to help remember a baby who was lost to miscarriage or stillbirth.

Have you experienced a Disappearing Twin?
Early in twin pregnancy there is a greater chance for the loss of one twin, known as disappearing twin. Have you experience this?

Miscarriage: Women Sharing from the Heart
Miscarriage: Women Sharing from the Heart - guide review of this book of women's stories of miscarriage.

What is your experience with a D & C?
Having a D & C can be a very frightening event. Surgery, on top of a pregnancy loss, is not something that most people have planned. Here are what others are saying about the experience with a D & C.

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