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How big is my baby in pregnancy?


Updated May 22, 2014

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Watching your baby grow through pregnancy is a fun way to pass the long nine months. Though sometimes it's really hard to translate all the inches, centimeters, crown to rump lengths etc. So here is a handy chart of common things to help you understand just how big your baby is now during your pregnancy.

Pregnancy Week 4: Mustard Seed

So small and so sick in pregnancy?
Photo © iStockPhoto
At only four weeks past your last period, your baby is as big as a mustard seed. A pregnancy test would be positive starting this week of pregnancy. And if you had an ultrasound towards the end of the week you could see a gestational sac.

Pregnancy Week 5: Pomegranate Seed

Pomegranate Seed Week 5 in Pregnancy
Photo © Serghei Starus/iStockPhoto
While a pomegranate seed doesn't seem to be very large, compared to week 4, your baby has grown a lot! The big news this week is that your baby's heart will begin to beat, but even with the most sensitive ultrasound, a transvaginal ultrasound, you typically can't see the heart beat yet, but you can see a yolk sac.

Pregnancy Week 6: Black Eyed Pea

Week 6 Black Eyed Pea
Photo © iStockphoto
This week the placenta really starts forming, but won't take full control of the pregnancy until the end of the first trimester. In bigger news, you can see arm and leg buds beginning!

Pregnancy Week 7: Cranberry

Cranberry Week Seven of Pregnancy
Photo © iStockPhoto
It's hard to believe that something the size of a single cranberry can make you feel so tired or sick. Is your face breaking out too? Ultrasound will show your baby's heart beating this week and the newest development is rudimentary hands!

Pregnancy Week 8: Raspberry

Raspberry 8 Weeks Pregnant
Photo © hlphoto/iStockPhoto
Your baby is moving on his or her own, but it's still too early for you to feel it in most cases. Soon you're even going to be able to count the finger and toe rays that your baby is busy growing this week. How are you feeling?

Pregnancy Week 9: Brussel Sprout

Brussel Sprouts Week Nine of Pregnancy
Photo © iStockPhoto
Your baby now has testes or ovaries, depending on if the baby is a girl or a boy. While it will still be weeks before you could tell, it's nice to know there is something going on in there. Still lots of wiggling and moving. Your baby weighs a whole gram.

Pregnancy Week 10: Pecan

Pregnancy Week 10 Pecan
Photo © Chorboon Chiranuparp/iStockPhoto
Your baby's tail is gone! And the upper lip has formed. Other than that baby has been gaining weight and now weighs as much as four paper clips, that's four grams. That's about the size of a pecan.

Pregnancy Week 11: Date

Pregnancy Week 11 Date
Photo © Olmarmar/iStockphoto
Your baby has a really big head - constituting about half his or her body size. This might look odd if you see it on ultrasound, but it will change as your baby grows. Though even at birth the head will be a large proportion of the baby's body. In other news, your baby has fingernails.

Pregnancy Week 12: Clementine

Pregnancy Week 12 Clementine
Photo © Maryna Pleshkun/iStockPhoto
Your baby is as big as a clementine, also known as Cuties. Using a doppler, your doctor or midwife should be able to hear your cutie's heart beat around this time. It's a great feeling, no? Your baby's brain is also finalizing structures that are present at birth, but there's a lot still to be done.

Pregnancy Week 13: Asian Pear

Pregnancy Week 13 Asian Pear
Photo © © Elena Schweitzer/iStockPhoto
Your baby and the placenta weigh about an ounce each. So while your baby may be about the size on Asian pear, but weight wise, it's a different feel. All 20 baby teeth have formed. But more importantly you're in the second trimester!

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