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Ultrasound Photos from the Early Weeks of Pregnancy

Pictures of Your Baby's Development


Updated May 26, 2011

Early on in pregnancy you might have an ultrasound done as a transvaginal ultrasound. That means that you may have had an ultrasound even before you were pregnant to detect ovulation, or in pregnancy to diagnose pregnancy, date your pregnancy or check for problems. Here are some of those ultrasound photos.

Social Baby Updates:

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The pregnancy test is now positive! At 4-5 weeks, our baby is very small but growing. Come see what's going on... http://ow.ly/53CxL

See all ultrasound weeks.

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Baby & Bladder UltrasoundUltrasound at 4 Weeksgestational sac at 4 weeksUltrasound at 4 Weeks | Gestational Sacgestational sac at 4 weeksUltrasound at 4 Weeks | Gestational Sac | TwinsTwins at 4 weeks gestationUltrasound at 4 Weeks | Gestational Sac | Twins
5 Week UltrasoundBaby at 5 Weeks Gestation Via Ultrasound5 Week Ultrasound Gestational SacGestational Sac
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