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Baby Bumps & Belly Shots

Pregnancy Photos from Every Trimester of Pregnancy


Updated May 16, 2014

Man photographing pregnant wife.
Andersen Ross/Iconica/Getty Images
Pregnancy photos are an important and easy way to commemorate your baby bump. These belly shots can be used to decorate your family photo albums or even to help fill the pregnancy journal as you proceed through out your pregnancy.

When you talk to women about taking pictures of their pregnant belly, many down play the importance of it. They think they will only get shots during a certain few weeks of pregnancy, like the "big" dates: 20 weeks, each trimester, etc. Or sometimes at the end you think you have time to take a picture tomorrow, only to have the baby tonight. For these reasons, I always recommend taking a lot of photos - all the time. You never know which might wind up being your favorite photos.

This doesn't mean you have to hire a photographer on a weekly basis for professional shots. What it means is to come out from behind the lens occasionally and have your face in the photos - and your belly.

Here you'll find belly shots through out every trimester of pregnancy, organized into picture galleries by the week of pregnancy:

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