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Pregnancy and Due Date Forums


Updated July 02, 2014

Looking for a place to hang out with others who are pregnant or trying to get pregnant? Here are the pregnancy and due date forums that you might enjoy.

1. Pregnancy Forum

Pregnant woman working on laptop at home, Barcelona, Spain
Jekaterina Nikitina/Taxi/Getty Images
The pregnancy forum is a great place to start. Come ask a question and grab an answer quickly. This forum is great for finding fast friends.

2. Baby Names Forum

Photo (c) iStockPhoto
If you love baby names, this forum is for you. Come discussion crazy celebrity baby naming trends, popular names, not-so-popular baby names and even take advantage of our polling feature to see how others feel about your baby names.

3. Pinterest Boards for Pregnancy

There are a lot of discussions and sharing going on over at Pinterest. Here are some of our favorites links.

4. About Pregnancy Google+

Google+ is another place to find About Pregnancy. You can chat, see various topic discussions and see what the latest scoop is on pregnancy, birth and babies.

5. Preparing for Pregnancy Forum

Happy Couple
Photo (c) iStockPhoto
Trying to get pregnant? Come discussion your best getting pregnant tips, ovulation prediction and fertility issues.

6. About Pregnancy Facebook

Pregnancy Choices
© Joanna Zielinska - Fotolia.com
Facebook finds us talking and sharing lots of fun facts and discussing pregnancy. Like our page and follow along.
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