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Pregnancy Calculators & Tools

Due date calculators, ovulation calculators and more. From figuring out your due date to calculating the number of weeks you have left of your pregnancy, these simple tools will be helpful to you and your family.

Pregnancy Week Calculator
See when your weeks fall and when you hit big milestones, like first heart beat, movement and more. This is handy to print out and post on your refridgerator. Kids love to look at this and so do dads.

Due Date Calculator
Due date. It's what everyone wants to know the minute you're pregnant. Here is an easy way to calculate your due date with just a few simple questions.

Ovulation Calculator
Are you trying to get pregnant? Knowing when you ovulate will increase your chances of getting pregnant.

Free Online Pregnancy Classes and Guide
These free guides to pregnancy are available for all the way through pregnancy and beyond.

Share Your Pregnancy with Others
Looking for a place to hang out with others who are pregnant or trying to get pregnant? Here are the pregnancy and due date forums that you might enjoy.

Pregnancy Apps for the iPhone
If you are like me, you want pregnancy information at your finger tips and love to play with gadgets. I think that the iPhone can nicely combine the two things with the pregnancy applications. The pregnancy apps run from fetal kick counts to breastfeeding and beyond. Have a favorite? Drop me a line below.

Favorite Pregnancy and Baby Applications for the iPhone
Favorite Pregnancy and Baby Applications for the iPhone - What are your favorites?

Favorite Pregnancy Bible Verses - What are your favorite pregnancy Bi…
Which pregnancy Bible verses do you use and why?

Pregnancy Calculator
This pregnancy calendar will quickly calculate your due date b…

Financing Pregnancy
How much will it cost you to be pregnant? What do you have to have to have a baby?

How do you calculate the months of pregnancy?
Weeks, months, trimesters... it can be confusing, but nothing is as confusing as trying to calculate the months of pregnancy. How do you do it?

Expectnet.com Pool
A product review of Expectnet.com, an online free baby pool for pregnant women and their family and friends.

Your Pregnancy To Do List
Pregnancy can seem overwhelming at times. But this handy checklist allows you to keep everything in order.

Things to Do Before You're 20 Weeks Pregnant
You've got a lot to get done in pregnancy, don't try to cram it all into the third trimester.

Pinterest Boards for Pregnancy
Pinterest is a great way to capture ideas and to plan for your pregnancy from building the perfect nursery to planning a baby shower and beyond.

What did you need to get done in pregnancy?
Babies bring a lot of changes. Many times there are things we feel we need to accomplish before baby. What's on your list?

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