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Childbirth Videos

Videos About Labor and Childbirth


Updated June 26, 2014

Childbirth videos are a really popular thing to watch. Look at half the line up on some television stations and you'll see that women want to watch movies about childbirth. The problems is that these videos are heavily edited and do not depict labor and childbirth as it really happens. So here are some of my favorite childbirth videos.

Videos for Better Birth

These seven birth videos each represent a healthy birth practice for you to use to educate yourself on birth. Included is a PDF of a teaching guide for helping you understand what you are seeing and how to use it in your birth.

An Original Birth Video

An induction with an epidural and a cesarean (not terribly graphic). This childbirth video is a combination of pictures and live video.


This childbirth video shows a mom at home giving birth and images of the baby as well. (Nudity)

Baby Audrey's Birth

This video shows the mom with an epidural, having a vaginal childbirth in the hospital. The dad cuts the cord.
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