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Prenatal Yoga for Partners

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Updated November 25, 2012

Prenatal Yoga for Partners
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The Bottom Line

Prenatal Yoga for Partners is a really wonderful workout video to do with your partner in preparation for birth. This DVD helps you have a great bonding experience through yoga.


  • Work out with your partner.
  • Advice on negoatiating the belly when working out together.
  • Modifcations for different stages of pregnancy mentioned.


  • This is not a short video at 45 minutes.


  • There is a special segment to help partners learn to to massage the mother-to-be in pregnancy.
  • A focus on the aches and pains of late pregnancy and how yoga and the partner can help.
  • A guided relaxation is included.

Guide Review - Prenatal Yoga for Partners

Prenatal Yoga for Partners is the best pregnancy yoga video I've seen in a long time. It's really the only one I've seen that is geared towards bringing partners into the mix of fitness and relaxation as well. Even if you have a dad who is reluctant to do yoga, Joe's personality will win him over.

Joe and Shazi have great chemistry on screen, you can tell that they practice what they preach as far as working out - together. This is inspirational. Joe says numerous times that this is how he stays connected to mom and baby. This type of role modeling is great for some dads who feel left out.

The work out is definitely a pregnancy workout rather than some hard core workout. It includes a warm up, standing series, and mat based poses. There is also breath work and even a guided relaxation.

The poses taught will help prepare your body for labor, but it will also help gear your relationship as well.

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