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Brought to Earth by Birth - Harriette Hartigan

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Updated April 09, 2009

Brought to Earth by Birth - Harriette Hartigan
Photo (c) MotherBaby Press

The Bottom Line

Brought to Earth by Birth is an amazing book. Not only is photographs and quotes, but it's a story that no reality TV show could capture. This amazing book would make a great baby shower present or thank you gift for the doctors, midwives and doulas in your life.


  • Amazing photography


  • Hard to find in bookstores


  • 90 pages of photos and quotes/poems.
  • Pictures were photographed by Harriette Hartigan.
  • Published by midwifery Today and MotherBaby Press.

Guide Review - Brought to Earth by Birth - Harriette Hartigan

The gorgeous baby stares up at you from the very simple book cover, inviting you in. From the get go, Harriette Hartigan's amazing eye for details in photography jump out at you, the passion in a subtle image. The black and white pictures throughout this book are inviting and filled with life.

The quotes that match the photos are simple and truthful. They tell the story of life before birth, being born and laboring to get there, first moments and of greetings. Who can resist such artwork?

This book is a great baby shower gift for a mother-to-be pr even a nice thank you gift for those in the birth field who have supported you. I would also hazard a guess that the reality of this book is far more gripping than any thirty minute show on television could be as well as more true to life, drama included.

User Reviews

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 5 out of 5
Wow!, Member Passionforbirth

Harriette has shared her vision, creativity and the wonderment of birth that touches your soul. So many books focus on the possible problems or the medical aspects of birth, where this book shows the beauty, the emotions, the special aspects of birth that are so important. Through her camera's lens she has captured images that will touch your heart and make you pause and go ""wow"". The simplicity of the lay out and the specially selected words make this a wonderful book for pregnant women.

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