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Postpartum Doula


Updated January 25, 2014

Definition: This is a professional, usually a woman, who is trained to help a family after the birth of a baby. She helps with meals, laundry, light household chores and even with breastfeeding. Sometimes, if you have other children, a postpartum doula can assist with sibling care.

Typically a postpartum doula will start shortly after the birth and help for a few days through the first three months. Some families use them on a daily basis, others for a few days a week for a quick break for mom.

A postpartum doula is frequently confused with a baby nurse, but the focus of the doula is on care of the mother, family and house, not simply to take care of the baby.

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Also Known As: baby nurse
Common Misspellings: dula, duola
I received a gift certificate for a postpartum doula for my baby shower!
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