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Postpartum Recovery

What you can expect and where you can turn for help postpartum on weight loss, life with baby and depression.
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Postpartum Recovery - Rebounding After Birth
Giving birth is one of the hardest things that you will ever do, next to being a mother. Here is some advice on the practical aspects of what happens immediately after you give birth and getting your body back during the postpartum period.

First Postpartum Period
So you've just had a baby, when can you expect your period to return?

Postpartum Warning Signs
Here are the signs that say you need to call your doctor or midwife if you see these postpartum.

4 Ways to Ease Back Into Life After Baby
Having a baby is great, but you need to take some time to readjust your life and expectations before jumping back into the fray.

After Pains
A look at what after pains are and how to deal with them.

How much will I bleed after birth and postpartum?
Ever wonder how much bleeding you can expect after you give birth? Does it matter if you have had a vaginal birth or a cesarean birth?

5 Exercises You Can Due Right After Giving Birth
While most exercises make you wait for six weeks after giving birth, here are five exercises that you can do within hours of giving birth, even if you had a cesarean section!

Postpartum Sitz Bath Recipe with Comfrey
This is the recipe for a homemade sitz bath with herbs to aid in the healing of sore muscles and perineum after giving birth.

Sitz Bath
After giving birth, you may find that a special bath called a sitz bath feels really great to your perineum to heal sore tissues. It is also a quick and easy way to keep your perineal area clean.

Postaprtum Bleeding Products
After you give birth to your baby you will bleed vaginally. This blood is coming from the site on your uterus where the placenta was attached and is now healing. It is called lochia. Using maxi pads and other absorbent materials will help catch the blood, but the products need to be weighed carefully to help prevent irritation on your skin and...

What helped with postpartum pain?
After the baby is born, you might still not feel 100%. So what do you do about pain after the baby's birth?

After Pains
After pains are common contractions that cause pain or discomfort after the birth of your baby. Learn how to cope and who can expect to feel these contractions.

5 Unexpected Postpartum Symptoms
Everything after birth seems a bit different, but here are the symptoms that women constantly say surprised them after bith. Is your symptom on the list of post birth symptoms?

Postpartum Pain Relief
With so much focus on labor pain, the pain afterwards is rarely discussed. Learn what you can do to make yourself more comfortable.

Cesarean Scar Gallery - Postpartum Photos
This page is a realistic look at the cesarean scars after you give birth by cesarean.

8 Tips to Survive the First Week from Maternity Leave
The moment of truth: the bliss (or boredom) of maternity leave ends and you return to work. Here is a primer on the first week.

Thoughtful Ways to Support a New Mom Recovering from a Cesarean
A quick guide to things that can help a new mom after she's had a cesarean birth.

Episiotomy Care
After your baby is born, you might wind up with some stitches in your perineum. Here are some tips on taking care of your bottom after baby!

After a Cesarean
The first few days after this type of birth might hold a few surprises.

Postnatal Exercise Routine
A how-to get your body back after the baby, designed by Mihai Bagiu, AFAA.

10 Tips for Great Postpartum Sex
Yes, there is sex after baby! Learn to make it great!

Becoming a Mother
Many women speak out about what it meant in their lives.

Postpartum Birth Control
You haven't to think about family planning in awhile. Here's some advice.

Proper Child Spacing
Do we really have control over child spacing? Advice on planning your next child/

Preparing for Postpartum
Some quick ideas on how to prepare for postpartum to make life just a bit easier on you.

Tips for New Moms
Advice from the pros!

Crockpot Recipes
A collection of links for crockpot cooking. Your one stop cooking for busy families.

Episiotomy Pains
D. Ashley Hill, MD, talks about the causes and potential treatments for after-birth episiotomy pain.

Mother Care: After the Delivery
A look at the different physical aspects of recovery for the mother, including: episiotomy care, bathing, incision care, and hand washing.

C-Section Scars
A look at what you can expect from your c-section scars, including healing, pain and postpartum feeling!

How did your bottom feel after baby?
After you had your baby, how did your bottom feel after baby?

The Benefits of Rooming In with Your Baby at Birth
Rooming in has many benefits for baby and mom. Here is a look at some of the benefits of rooming in.

Removing C-section Staples
A look at the process of removing c-section staples from how it's done to what type of pain is involved.

Postpartum Abdominal Binders
Some say that binding your abdomen postpartum is a great way to help you get back in shape and feel better faster. Here are some of the more common postpartum abdominal binders.

When did you have your first period after baby?
Your first period after baby can vary greatly. When did you have your first period and why do you think you started then?

Tips for Returning to Real Life After Baby
Your life changes after baby, but how do you return to some sense of normal? What advice would you offer a new mom?

Did you use a sitz bath postpartum?
A sitz bath is used during postpartum recovery to help ease the pain and swelling after you have your baby. Did you use one?

Did your hair fall out postpartum?
If yes, you're one of many women. Come share your story or read others and how they coped with the postpartum hair loss.

Belly Bandit
The Belly Bandit is a product designed to help trim your waist after birth.

C-Section Scars
If you've had a cesarean, you've got a scar to care for after the birth. Here's the scoop on healing and minimizing the looks.

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