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Sex After a C-Section

When can you have sex after a cesarean?


Updated May 16, 2014

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If you've recently given birth by cesarean section, also known as a c-section, you might have questions about how and when to resume your sex life. You may assume that since you did not have a vaginal birth that you can have sex right away, this is not true.

After having a cesarean, you will still need to wait about six weeks, until you've seen your midwife or doctor postpartum. They want to ensure that your incision is healing well and that your postpartum bleeding has stopped. This bleeding comes from inside the uterus, at the site where the placenta was located. This bleeding happens to all mothers, regardless of how they gave birth.

When you are given the go ahead for sex, you need to consider some other factors. For example, if your incision is still tender, you may wish to use a position where you have the woman on top or a side or rear entry position to avoid direct contact with your incision. You may also want to check into vaginal lubricants to assist you in making this experience as pleasant as possible. Most moms have some issues in the lubrication department, particularly if they are breastfeeding.

Remember that time and patience are great cures for sexual ailments post-cesarean and post-baby.

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