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Quick Tips for Losing Postpartum Weight


Updated June 18, 2012

Mom Jogging with New Baby in Stroller

Exercise can help you lose weight postpartum.

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It is not a secret that losing weight after you have a baby is incredibly difficult for many women. Gaining weight in pregnancy and the childbearing years is almost a given for many women, though it need not be.

Recent evidence shows us that there is a very simply method to preventing the pounds from packing on after you give birth:

  • Walk every day.
    Walking 30 minutes a day also reduced the risk of keeping pounds and adding new ones for new moms. This doesn't have to be in long stretches. Even walking three times for ten minutes adds up and counts.

  • Limit your television viewing.
    By limiting your viewing of television shows by watching fewer than two hours a day, you can help lose weight postpartum. While it's easy to plop down with the baby, consider sitting down with a bbok.

  • Eat fewer trans fats.
    Now with better labeling this should become easier to track. But keep your diet as free of trans fats as possible.

Keeping these three simple rules provides women with a 77% reduced risk of retaining that weight. What is really great is that it shows you that weight loss postpartum is attainable for everyone. Considering the glut of skinny celebrities bouncing back into pre-baby bodies that seem unattainable, it's nice to know that you don't have to go to the gym for six hours a day and work out with a personal trainer.


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