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Plus Size Pregnancy

Information on being overweight during pregnancy.

Tips for Plus Size Maternity Clothes
Looking for some fashion advice for a stylish plus sized pregnancy?

How much weight should I gain in pregnancy if I'm overweight?
How much weight should I gain in pregnancy if I'm overweight?

Plus Size Maternity Clothes
When you start pregnancy out in the plus size clothes sometimes you worry that you won't be able to find maternity clothes to fit. There is good news!

Will I look pregnant if I'm fat?
Lots of heavy moms or moms with some fluff wonder whether they will ever look pregnant or have their belly show.

When did you show in your plus size pregnancy?
If you've got a plus sized belly you've probably had a different experience with your belly. Here you can share that experience or just read what other moms have to say about it.

Facility Concerns
Does your practitioner and facility have the equpiment meant for women my size? Question you need to ask.

Plus Sized Maternity and Nursing Clothes
This FAQ can help you find clothes to fit during your pregnancy and nursing experience.

Large Women and Prenatal Testing
Are there special concerns you should have about prenatal testing?

Am I Healthy Enough?
While everyone says if you're overweight you shouldn't get pregnant, here are some interesting thoughts from moms who've been there.

Infertility FAQ for Women of Size
Infertility information specififcally designed for women of size.

Weight Gain in Pregnancy
What are the recommendations for overweight women in pregnancy? Kmom tells you!

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