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Over Due Pregnancies

What happens when you go past your due date, reasons and methods of inducing labor, and letting nature take its course.
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Pregnancy Past Your Due Date
Learn about the risks and the monitoring methods available when you go past your due date, including induction.

Due Date - What did people say when you were past your due date?
Share your post due date stories.

10 Things Not to Say to an Overdue Pregnant Woman
Once your pregnancy hits 40 weeks, you're overdue. Not that all babies read calendars and a good majority of women will go past their due date, but that doesn't mean we want to hear about it. Here is some advice on what NOT to say to someone who is overdue.

101 Things to Do When You're Overdue (Or Close)
The last days and weeks of pregnancy can seem to last forever. Here are some ideas for things to do during your last few days of pregnancy!

Calculating Your Baby's Due Date
Your pregnancy due date is a big deal. The idea of knowing the basic time of when your baby is due to arrive is fun and exciting. But how do you calculate a due date? Here is a due date calculator and more information on your pregnancy due date.

Induction of Labor
Learn more about how and why labor is induced.

When will my baby be born?
Learn how to calculate your own due date, where the numbers come from and what they mean.

Tired of Being Pregnant
Are you tired of being pregnant? Here are some things to consider...

Overdue and wanting a homebirth?
A great source of information for those who want a homebirth and are approaching the "overdue" status. Find out how to prevent yourself from being risked out. A great link to share with your practitioner.

Passed your due date?
What to expect when your due date has passed from Familydoctor.org.

How did you celebrate the end of your pregnancy?
You've made it a whole 40+ weeks being pregnant. How do you intend to celebrate this milestone?

How did you stay busy at the end of pregnancy?
Towards the end of pregnancy, the days can get really long. You want to meet your baby, but you're also not sure that you're ready to have your last days alone.

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