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Breastfeeding Class Overview and Sign Up Page


Updated July 11, 2014

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Online breastfeeding class may seem a bit strange but it is a great supplement to your regular childbirth class or breastfeeding class. It also works well for couples who are unable to attend regular breastfeeding or childbirth classes due to lack of availability or pregnancy complications. This is an eight week course. There are handy emails to remind you to come to class and show you step by step what needs to be done each week to get the most out of your online breastfeeding class. It works best if you go through each lesson slowly and do all of the steps and read the materials over the course of a week, though you can do it in a faster manner by selecting the option for lost classes at the bottom of the class emails or by working through this breastfeeding class overview. Sign up today!


  1. Why breastfeed?
    • Benefits of breastfeeding for baby
    • Breastfeeding Videos
    • Breastfeeding Quiz


  2. How Breastfeeding Works
    • How pregnancy changes your breasts
    • How your body makes breast milk
    • Preparing to breastfeed


  3. Beginning Breastfeeding
    • Your first nursing sessions
    • Positions for breastfeeding
    • New baby diapers and telling if baby is thriving


  4. Solutions for Breastfeeding Problems
    • Preventing breastfeeding problems
    • Identifying breastfeeding problems
    • When to call for lactation support


  5. Returning to Work and Pumping
    • Buying the right breast pump
    • Tips for pumping
    • Using baby bottles and other feeders


  6. Starting Solids & Breastfeeding
    • When to start solid foods
    • What the right solid foods are for baby
    • A look at progressing beyond simple solids


  7. Breastfeeding an Older Baby
    • Special needs of nursing an older baby
    • Positions for nursing older babies
    • Adding table foods


  8. Weaning Your Baby
    • Types of weaning
    • Finding the right time to wean for your family
    • Gentle weaning
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