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Advice from a Grandma


Updated November 25, 2011

Grandma and Baby
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  1. Labor is hard, but it is doable.. and it is NOT the hardest thing you will ever do for your children. So, suck it up.
  2. It is normal to worry about your pregnancy, your birth, and your ability to parent. But you can handle what comes your way.
  3. It isn't all about registering for material things for your baby... you can all do with less STUFF. Ask for the necessities and the things that may save you time and energy so you have more time for the baby.
  4. Remember that newborns outgrow small sizes quickly. Watch the quantity you receive and exchange excess for larger sizes when gifts don't arrive.
  5. Baby showers should be times to relax with and feel supported by friends... not a time for scary birth stories and games that "put down" the changes in a pregnant body.
  6. Feeding and loving her baby is her MOST important job. Ask for help for other things you need.
  7. Know that a first baby will require 24 hours of your day.... but the more children you have, the less time a baby takes!
  8. Learn the skills of active relaxation and power naps... those skills will help increase your patience and help you through life.
  9. Trust your instincts. You know your body and your baby better than anyone else... other than me.
  10. Do your best to do what it takes to raise this baby with two happy parents.

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