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Updated January 23, 2011

Pictures of babies are so adorable! A baby photo gallery is a great place to look at babies. Newborn babies are so wonderful! But they often aren't what we have imagined with perfect heads in little caps. Here are some newborn babies and their different bumps and bruises. Here you will find baby photos with various birth marks, vernix, stork bites, angel kisses and more.


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36 Week Twin Newborns36 Week Twin Newborns - FraternalBaby Ocho 7 days oldNewborn Baby Girl - 10 lbs. at BirthStork Bite 7 day old babyNewborn Baby with a Stork Bite (Nape of Neck)Peeling Newborn SkinNewborn Baby with Peeling Skin (Foot)
Newborn PicturesNewborn Baby Girl just after a Water BirthNewborn Girl - Water BirthBaby Boy - 1 Hour Old - Newborn Gallery1 hour old newbornNewborn Girl - 1 HourNewborn Girl - 1 Hour
Newborn with Forcep MarksNewborn with Forcep MarksBaby Girl - 1 hour oldNewborn Girl - One Girl6 Day Old Baby Girl with Jaundice6 Day Old Baby - JaundiceNewborn Baby 35 Weeks Gestation - VernixNewborn Baby 35 Weeks- Vernix
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