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What do you call this many babies?


Updated May 27, 2014

3D Ultrasound - Triplets - 8 Weeks
Photo (c) C. Smiley
Question: What do you call this many babies?
There is a fascination with multiple pregnancy and multiples in our culture and many others. With the rise in the numbers of multiples, particularly higher order multiples, there are many questions that are commonly asked.
Answer: So if you're wondering what you call a particular number of babies, I've made this handy chart:

  • one baby - singleton
  • two babies - twins
  • three babies - triplets
  • four babies - quadruplets or quads
  • five babies - quintuplets or quints
  • six babies - sextuplets
  • seven babies - septuplets
  • eight babies - octuplets


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