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Top 10 Morning Sickness Tips


Updated July 01, 2014

Being pregnant means that about 75% of women will feel queasy or actually vomit at some point in their pregnancy, usually very early. While there isn't one magic cure, here are some of the top tips to help ease your stomach.

1. Take two crackers...

Young woman holding a sesame seed cracker with cream
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Two crackers before your head leaves the pillow is old but wise advice.

2. Think Small

Smaller frequent meals can also help keep an ailing belly at bay.

3. Avoidance

Avoid foods and smells that seem to trigger nausea. Sometimes this will be nearly every food or every smell.

4. Blood Sugar

Eat something high in protein before going to bed. Helps your blood sugar stay more level.

5. A Cookie a Day...

Ginger, teas, cookies, even the spice can be helpful in preventing nausea.

6. Ice, Ice, Baby

Have sips of ice water as the urge to purge strikes. Many women say that this helps them keep meals down as well.

7. Pressure

Acupressure bands can be worn like bracelets and can curb nausea while you wear them. But be forewarned as one mom says, stand next to a bucket when you take them off!

8. Great Breath

Peppermint, either smelling it in aromatherapy form or sipping the tea can help curb nausea. It's also known to help with sagging energy levels.

9. Relax

Take a deep breath. It might be mind over matter sometimes. This sounds hokey but actually worked for me several times when I absolutely couldn't afford to be ill. It didn't curb the nausea but kept my lunch in my body.

10. Comfort Food

Eat what you can, if it stays down it is probably a good thing. Slowly add more foods to your diet as possible.
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