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Morning Sickness Relief Products


Updated June 15, 2014

Morning sickness effects about 80% of pregnant women at any time of the day or night. The nausea and vomiting associated with early pregnancy can be debilitating and require major modifications to your life. Many women seek non-medicinal ways to cope with morning sickness.

1. Psi Bands

Psi Bands for Morning Sickness
Photo (c) Price Grabber
Psi Bands work by using acupressure on a specific area of the wrist that has long been known to help curb nausea and vomiting for motion sickness, morning sickness and even chemotherapy. This non-drug treatment is one that has been particularly popular with pregnant women. Psi Bands adds a twist to traditional acupressure bands - these are stylish and adjustable. They come in four styles and are sold in pairs. You simply put them on your wrists for up to 48 hours as a time and say good bye to nausea.
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2. Preggie Pops

Preggie Pops for Morning Sickness
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The flavored suckers are meant to be used for just this purpose. The flavors are all designed to help alleviate nausea and vomiting in pregnancy and in cases of motion sickness, which can occur more frequently when you are pregnant. They are designed to work by the flavoring, but also have the added benefit of helping you if you suffer from dry mouth or over active saliva glands (ptyalism).

3. Morning Sickness Magic

Photo (c) Price Grabber
This capsule is a dietary supplement that contains ginger, B6, folic acid and red raspberry leaf to help relieve morning sickness. Testers said that it took awhile to work (few days) and that it did not taste funny like some dietary supplements. Most testers liked that it wasn't a bracelet to wear and that they simply had to remember to take this with their regular vitamins. The trick for most, in the beginning, was trying to figure out when they were feeling well enough to swallow capsules! From Baby Bliss.
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4. Sea Bands

Sea Bands for Morning Sickness
Photo (c) Price Grabber
Sea Bands are the original morning sickness acupressure bands. They have an elastisized wrist cuff with a plastic bead that presses on a certain spot to help relieve morning sickness. Some women report great success, though the one compaint is usually the athletic style. This is also non-medicinal making it very safe for pregnancy.
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5. B-natal Suckers and Lozenges

B-natal Vitamin Supplements for Morning Sickness
Photo (c) Price Grabber
These are non-prescription vitamin supplements with B6 to help ease morning sickness. They come in suckers and lozenges and in the flavor cherry or green apple. This makes them easier for you to ingest because it doesn't sit in your stomach when you're not already feeling feel. They do taste like candy, but because they are vitamin supplements you can only have one every eight hours. For many women the actual sucking on the sucker or lozenge gives some immediate relief while the B6 helps over the course of the next few hours.
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6. Earth Mama Angel Baby Morning Wellness Tea

Morning Wellness Tea
Photo (c) Earth Mama Angel Baby
This tea is meant to be sipped in the morning or whenever you need it to feel better. Morning Wellness Tea contains organic ginger root, organic spearmint, organic chamomile, organic lemon balm, organic peppermint and organic red raspberry leaf. This combination is designed to help ease your ills.
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7. Morning Chicness Bag

Morning Chicness Bag
Photo (c) Morning Chicness
The Morning Chicness Bag is designed with an on-the-go pregnant mom in mind. You can quickly and easily take care of vomiting away from home without worrying that you don't know the location of the nearest toilet.

8. Red E Bag

The Red E Bag is what you use when other therapies don't work and you wind up being sick anyway. This durable, portable bag folds up to a very small size, but when opened has an opaque liner to catch what you need it to catch without leaks. This is great for when you're someplace with no bath room, like your car.
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