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Preggie Pops

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Updated September 28, 2012

Preggie Pops for Morning Sickness
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The Bottom Line

These are handy little suckers to have around and make a cute gift for a baby shower.
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  • Handy to carry.
  • Interesting flavors.
  • Comes in suckers and drops.


  • Pricey.


  • The sucker or lollipop format works well in labor to help prevent dry mouth.
  • Seven interesting flavors like peppermint, sour tangerine and ginger.
  • Come in a variety of formats so you can select your favorite: suckers or drops.
  • They make a nice baby shower gift or gift to a new mom-to-be.

Guide Review - Preggie Pops

Morning sickness is something that plagues many women during pregnancy. It can happen at any time of the day or even last all day long. For centuries women have been seeking a remedy to cure morning sickness. Many of the remedies that women found helpful were hard to find in a readily available form. Enter Preggie Pops.

The flavored suckers are meant to be used for just this purpose. The flavors are all designed to help alleviate nausea and vomiting in pregnancy and in cases of motion sickness, which can occur more frequently when you are pregnant. They are designed to work by the flavoring, but also have the added benefit of helping you if you suffer from dry mouth or over active saliva glands (ptyalism).

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