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1 in 5 pregnancies will end in miscarriage. Here are the facts, how to tell if you're miscarrying, what to do and how to heal.
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How do you confirm a miscarriage?
You've got a few signs of miscarriage, but you're really not sure what's going on. What will your doctor or midwife do to figure out the fate of your pregnancy?

Dads and Miscarriage
Many times dads are overlooked when it comes to the aftermath of a miscarriage. Here are some common thoughts men have following a pregnancy loss.

Signs of Miscarriage in Pregnancy
Miscarriage is a fairly common occurence in pregnancy. It more common in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy that you would lose the pregnancy rather than later, but it's an emotionally painful time for certain.

Over Before it Began
The story of a chemical pregnancy from start to finish.

What type of care is better for a known miscarriage?
What type of care is better for a known miscarriage?

9 Things Not to Say to Someone After a Miscarriage
What not to say to someone who has miscarried and why you shouldn't say it.

Remembering Baby
Ways to remember our lost little ones.

Voices of Miscarriage
What families say about miscarriage and how their lives are affected.

Pregnancy Loss Books
Pregnancy losses, like miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy, can effect about 1 in 5 couples. Here are some resources to help you understand the facts and emotions behind the loss, including planning ahead.

Molar Pregnancy
Learn about the signs and treatment for this devastating disease of pregnancy.

One Miscarriage, One Man, One Woman
One couple shares their story of miscarriage through letters and journals.

Caffeine Increases Risk of Miscarriage
A new study shows that caffeine increases the risk of miscarriage in non-smoking women with normal fetuses.

Are VDTs associated with miscarriage?
Your monitor might be the cause?

Grieving and Healing
The process of grief, moving forward in grief and more.

Why is my hCG falling?
Why is my hCG falling in pregnancy?

Pregnancy After Miscarriage
Considering pregnancy after miscarriage? A look at how long you should wait to get pregnant again after a miscarriage.

What was your first sign of miscarriage?
What was your first sign of miscarriage?

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