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What to Wear When Having a Baby

Alternatives to the Hospital Gown When Giving Birth


Updated May 21, 2014

Having a baby is not a fashion event by any stretch of the imagination. But many women are choosing to skip the hospital gowns in favor of more comfortable, practical and yes, fashionable options.

1. Binsi Prima Mama Skirt

Carri Grinditch - Binsi
This skirt is made specifically for labor and childbirth. You can move all around and stay covered and cool. This is fashionable enough you could even wear it outside before your baby is born. Even better - the skirt comes off quickly and easily, or just pull it up to give birth.

2. Bring Your Own Gown

B.Y.O.G. - Bring Your Own Gown
Photo (c) B.Y.O.G.
The B.Y.O.G. - Bring Your Own Gown is a new take on the typical hospital gown. With attractive mother-friendly patterns and complete access for birth, this makes a great addition to your hospital bag.

3. Dear Johnnies

Dear Johnnies
Photo (c) Dear Johnnies
This is Dear Johnnies take on the hospital gown. Dear Johnnies are delightful looking and comfortable feeling hospital gowns. They are definitely a step above your average hospital issued labor and birth wear, but still hospital gowns none-the-less.

4. Large T-Shirts

Wearing an old t-shirt is a good idea too. Simply go to the nearest store and get a size 4X and you're covered. Who cares if it gets cut off in an emergency or dirty? You spent $4 - throw it away.

5. Binsi Tops

Binsi makes a couple of tops for you to labor in. These are comfortable shirts that are like tank tops but have special openings to allow for medical equipment, including an IV or epidural. They are also handy when it comes to breastfeeding.
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6. DIgNItee

Who wants to wear a used and reused hospital gown when they have other options? Not me. The DIgNItee hospital gown alternative is very comfortable and does a great job of covering those areas that a traditional hospital gown wouldn't.

7. Nursing Sports Type Bra

The Bravado Original Bra is very much like the sports bras. You can use it to stay cool and covered. But you're ready to nurse once the baby gets here.

8. The Buff

You also have the option of wearing nothing. Now, before you say that it's not for you - you don't know what labor will bring. I've heard women beg before labor to have their clothes stapled on - but labor, particularly at the end, they wanted nothing touching them. Keep it in mind and see how labor goes.

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