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Maternity Underwear


Updated June 21, 2013

Trying to decide best how to choose underwear in pregnancy? Comfort is the golden rule, followed quickly by comfort. So if you're not sure how or which pair to choose and you're not sure you're ready to go commando, here are some of the favorites in maternity underwear.

1. Belevation Support Maternity Briefs

Belevation Maternity Brief
Belevation Support Maternity Briefs are a full-coverage maternity underwear that can be used during all stages of pregnancy and during postpartum. The briefs are made from a blend of Nylon and Spandex and come in three colors: black, nude and white. They are created with seamless knitting for increased comfort. They have a pretty flowered panel on the belly and are plain on the back. The panties come in sizes four sizes: small (size four to six), medium (size eight to ten), large (size twelve to sixteen) and extra large (size eighteen to twenty four.) The company notes that if you are a borderline size and would like more support it is best to size down a bit.

2. Bravado Maternity Briefs

Photo (c) Price Grabber
This lace and cotton creation looks great. The belly band is designed to be worn above or below the belly, so you get to choose. This can help you grow into the maternity underwear or adjust them to your postpartum body. They also have boy shorts and more!
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3. Maternity Hipster

Photo (c) Price Grabber
These super soft cotton panties have just a touch of lycra to keep them in place. They come in playful colors and stripes and ride just at your hips. Machine wash and dry to keep them soft. Try larger sizes if you have problems with gathering, bunching or riding.
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4. Amon Be-Stow Maternity Brief

Amon Be-Stow Maternity Brief
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These soft but firm panties will provide you with luxurious coverage during your pregnancy. Sizes are based on your pre-pregnancy size (2-16) and come in sizes: Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large.
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