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Before You Buy Maternity Underwear


Updated May 14, 2014

While you know that your abdomen is going to expand, you probably haven't given a lot of thought to your maternity underwear options until you absolutely have to do so. To avoid your cheeks from hanging out and your underwear from rolling down uncomfortably, you've got to plan ahead. Here are some things to keep in mind while searching for the right underwear for you in pregnancy.

Previous Styles of Underwear

Let's face it, we're all pretty attached to our underwear style, be it briefs, bikinis or thongs. This is pretty much a definition of our style and what we're comfortable wearing. Put any women in uncomfortable underwear and you've got one miserable mama. So keep this philosophy in mind when shopping for new underwear.

Bikini Panties

Some women choose bikini style panties. This underwear can sometimes last longer into pregnancy, depending on the shape of your belly. They also make maternity bikini underwear, though some women have real issues with this style rolling down uncomfortably.

Maternity Briefs

Maternity briefs are often called grandma panties, because yes, they look like something your grandma would wear if she wore underwear. And while they are not stylish looking, many moms rave about how comfortable they are, despite the looks. They don't tend to roll or bunch in uncomfortable places, though with these watch out for high cut thighs as you can have your belly covered and your bottom hanging out.

Maternity Thongs

While many women live by the motto that they wouldn't wear thongs, pregnant or not, the thong is the in thing in pregnancy underwear fashion. Many women say if they aren't getting the coverage from their other underwear they might as well wear something designed to "be in there."


I know you're thinking that this article is about maternity underwear, and it is. But there is a growing number of women who say that pregnancy styled panties just don't work for them. They enjoy - no underwear. So, if commando is your thing, either before or during pregnancy. No reason to believe you can't do it now.
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