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Maternity Coats for Pregnancy


Updated October 26, 2011

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Maternity fashions do not have to go out the window because you're expanding pregnant abdomen is growing as quickly as the cold weather is coming. Here are some ways to stay warm in the winter, while maintaining some fashion sense and warmth in pregnancy. Here is what you need to consider when buying a winter coat during pregnancy.

How far along will you be in the winter?
If you are early on in your pregnancy, you might not care if you have a coat designed for pregnancy because you fit into your old coat. If you will be mid or late pregnancy you might have more of a concern.

How many children will you have?
Some people choose to only make larger investments in maternity clothes or baby furniture during their first or early pregnancies. If this doesn't bother you, then don't worry about it.

Where do you live?
If the weather doesn't get too cold where you are, then a coat might not be the best option for you money wise.

How do you deal with cold weather?
Even if it gets cold, some women aren't very prone to getting cold and don't wear coats even when not pregnant. Others finds that during pregnancy the baby keeps them a bit warmer than usual, sometimes enough so that they may not need a coat.

There are many ways to solve the issue of a maternity coat for winter pregnancies. Here are few to keep in mind:

  • Wear your own regular coat, but don't button it.

  • Borrow your husband's coat.

  • Find a maternity coat at a second hand store or borrow one.

  • Purchase a large wrap or shawl instead of a coat.

  • Wear layers instead of a coat.

  • Find a coat that has a removable panel for pregnancy or baby wearing.

Be sure to share your tips for staying warm this winter!

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