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7 Things to Try Before Maternity Clothes

What to do when your belly is not quite there...


Updated July 01, 2014

Close-up on belly of pregnant woman wearing belly band
Ruth Jenkinson/Dorling Kindersley/Getty Images
Let's face it, we all reach that time period before maternity clothes where nothing quite fits and yet maternity clothes aren't quite right either. So what can you do to stay dress before the belly requires maternity clothes?

  1. Go bigger.
    If you have a closet full of clothes that are a larger size or you feel like you can borrow or buy a pair or two of pants that are slightly bigger, this can buy you some time. The problem here is that the bigger is usually everywhere and not just the waist. But if you've blossomed, you've blossomed.

  2. Dress up.
    Sometimes switching to skirts or dresses can be helpful. Various types of these fashions will hide a belly but are also more forgiving. It can also be more comfortable for the changing expansion you might feel as the day progresses.

  3. Wear a band.
    There are plenty of bands of fabrics designed to hide that part of your belly that hangs out. You can purchase one (like the Bella Band or the Baby Be Mine) or make one.

  4. Unbutton.
    Shhh. I won't tell, if you don't. Lots of pregnant women walk around with their pants unbuttoned, usually with a larger shirt covering it up.

  5. Try stretchy.
    Can you say yoga pants? Sweat pants? Any type of pants with elastic at the top can be helpful during this in between time.

  6. Layer.
    If your t-shirt or shirt doesn't quite cover the belly or if you're in the unbuttoned mode, you can easily add a bulky sweater and just button the bottom few buttons.

  7. Hang out.
    Oh who cares! A pregnant belly is beautiful. Why not let it all hang out and just tuck your pants under your little bulge!
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