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Labor, Delivery and Recovery Room (LDR)


Updated January 25, 2014

Mom in Hospital Bed in Labor
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Definition: In the vast majority of hospitals today, the standard room to give birth in is the same room that you will give birth and do your immediate postpartum recovery. You may still see a triage room to assess if you are truly in labor and you will also have a longer stay in a postpartum room, located near to the newborn nursery.

The LDR is equipped to handle only vaginal births. Though you can have an epidural and other pain medications in this room. If you require it, you can also have a forceps or vacuum delivery in the vast majority of LDR rooms. If you require a c-section, you will generally not recover in the LDR, even if you labored in one.

Also Known As: Labor room
Ashley chose a hospital that offered private labor, delivery and recovery rooms.

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