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Packing Your Bag for Labor


Pregnant Woman Packing her Hospital Bag

Packing Your Hospital Bag

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Here is a handy list of things to take with you in your hospital bag when you go to the hospital or birth center when you give birth! I recommend that you pack a bag for labor and birth and leave a separate packed bag for postpartum in the car or with someone else. This prevents you from dragging all of your stuff around the labor and birth wing!

Your Labor Bag

  • Tooth brushes for everyone and Tooth paste

  • Any reference book or pamphlet you might need (I prefer The Birth Partner.)

  • Pillows from home (Use colored cases to distinguish from your birth place's linens)

  • Music you would like (You may need to provide your own iPod, CD Player or Tape Player)

  • Camera with film and batteries

  • Camcorder with charged batteries and accessories

  • Signed copies of your birth plan

  • Water bottles for ice

  • Your own wash cloths, colored ones work better

  • Waterproof pads for the car ride

  • Any clothes of your own that you wish to wear, as an alternative to hospital gowns

  • List of people to call after the baby is born (include your childbirth educator)

  • Lip Balm

  • Massage tools (Oils, massage tool, etc.)

  • Change of clothes for partner, including swim trunks for shower or pool

  • Baby Book for getting the foot prints done by the nurse when she does the paperwork

  • Focal Point (If you want one)

  • Socks for mom

  • Special foods or drinks

  • Suckers or hard candy

  • Snacks for labor support

  • Calling Card for Long Distance Calls

  • Anything else you think you can use (Candles, pictures, etc.)

Your Postpartum Bag

  • Nursing bras and pads (preferably the washable, soft ones.)

  • Breastfeeding book

  • Going home outfit for baby

  • Blanket for Baby

  • More film (Though you can buy this for higher prices in most gift shops.)

  • Another change of clothes for partner and any toiletries needed

  • Your own personal night gown, robe (They will get dirty!)

  • Personal Hygiene items (shampoo, your own pads, etc.)

  • Number of La Leche League or other breastfeeding support

  • Number of diaper service (if you need to arrange for delivery)

  • Car Seat with instructions

  • Going home outfit for mom (You will still be look to be about 6 months pregnant. Most women wear the clothes that they wore to the hospital, some bring nursing shirts.)

  • Birth Announcements, stamps, envelopes

You might also consider packing a bag for dad too. And, think about things you shouldn't pack in labor.

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