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Fetal Positions for Labor and Birth


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Left Occiput Transverse (LOT)
Left Occiput Transverse (LOT)

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When the baby is facing out the mother's right thigh, the baby is said to be Left Occiput Transverse (LOT). This position is half way between a posterior and anterior position. It can indicate positive movements towards an anterior position if the baby has previously been known to be posterior (in either direction).

However, with a baby in the Left Occiput Transverse (LOT) position in the pelvis labor may be a bit more painful and slower. To alleviate pain and encourage the baby to continue its rotation towards the anterior positions, you can use several positions in labor:

  • Lunging
  • Pelvic Tilts
  • Standing and Swaying

These positions encourage the baby to move into a more favorable position by opening the pelvis more and providing a bit of help in moving. Ask your doula, labor nurse, midwife or doctor for more suggestions.

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