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Induction of Labor


Mom in Hospital Bed in Labor Photo © Paul Hakimata - Fotolia.com

Why is labor induced?:

Labor can be induced for many reasons. Labor should only be induced for valid medical reasons because of the risks involved with induction of labor. Some of these reasons include:

What is a social induction of labor?:

A social induction is also known as an induction for convenience of either the doctor, the midwife or the family. It may be done to get the practitioner that you want, to aid in family scheduling or to try to pick a certain birth date. This is highly discouraged due to the added risks of induction of labor.

What are the risks of inducing labor?:

The risks of inducing labor are numerous. They include:

When induction is needed for medical reasons, the benefits of induction outweigh the risks.

How do they induce labor?:

Labor can be induced a number of ways. Some of the more common methods include:

Natural Methods of Labor Induction:

Many women are turning towards natural methods of labor induction with some success. The most common home induction tricks can include:

Augmentation of Labor:

Sometimes labor stalls or is delayed. If the health of the mother or baby need labor to continue more quickly, your practitioner may prescribe an augmentation of your labor. There are multiple methods of augmentation, including the use of Pitocin, amniotomy and other natural techniques.
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